Commercial Pest Control: How Pests Damage Your Business

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It only takes one infestation to ruin a business.

Not much will scare off a customer quicker than a pest problem. The problem will likely compound as customers begin to share of the experience on social media channels and review sites like YELP. Local newspapers regularly feature food establishments and other businesses with pest problems, because the incidents uncovered by inspection are reported to the news by health and safety inspectors. Businesses like a popular Dean and DeLuca Georgetown Gourmet Grocer have closed their doors because of such incidents. Even if the business does solve the pest issue, the damage is done and the reputation is tarnished. The chances of recovering from the bad press are dismal.

Take a look at what can happen to a business when a pest problem occurs.

Loss of Revenue

The National Pest Management Association reports that termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year. That’s just one of many pest problems affecting businesses. Retailers and hospitality businesses are especially vulnerable to pest problems. These businesses are heavily scrutinized by the public and a highly-publicized pest problem could have devastating effects on the annual revenue.

Irreparable Damage to the Business Reputation

To reopen after a health citation, business owners need to quickly address all the factors in the citation. However, even doing so won’t guarantee the effects of the problem will go away. News of cleaning up a pest problem rarely makes the news or social media channels. Consumers have access to far too many choices to even consider giving businesses a second chance. News that appears online is on the Internet forever and even if the problem is corrected, the bad news will still appear in search results.

The Business Must Close its Doors

When businesses have repetitive issues of pest problems, the loss of revenue and damage to the reputation can ultimately lead to closing the doors forever. Customers will lose faith in the company’s ability to rectify the situation and will move on to another business provider. The reputation could also follow the owner or business partners when they explore future opportunities.

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