Do You Want to Help Exterminate Hunger?

These days, it’s a sad fact that hunger and insufficient access to food remains a critical issue for many across the country. In fact, millions of people are impacted by food shortages, with 1 in 6 citizens having to go without meals for days at a time. Children, senior citizens, and their extended families are not always able to afford healthy meals for a wide variety of reasons, leading to ongoing health problems such as malnutrition that can cause further complications the longer they go without the meals they need. img-get-involved

EcoShield has decided to take a stand and do its part to exterminate hunger within America. Because of our place within your local communities, we sometimes see first-hand the negative impact ongoing lack of meals has on people–and we’re determined to help however we can. To that end, we’ve established the Exterminate Hunger program, creating an easy and effective way to gather food resources and redistribute them to those in need. By collecting non-perishable food and meals, we can then ensure they get to those who’ve fallen on hard times and need steadier meals to make it through their day or week. Would you like to join us in this ongoing effort?

How You can Help Exterminate Hunger


1. Donate Your Time

We have 10 food drop-off and distribution centers across the country–and one could be right in your area! We’re always glad to accept those willing to volunteer their time, whether it’s to accept food donations or help bring the gathered resources to the community at large. Spending your time with Exterminate Hunger can mean making a huge positive difference to your very own neighbors.

2. Donate Your Resources

Gathering non-perishable foodstuffs is the central element of the Exterminate Hunger program. Maybe you’re already cleaning out your pantry based off past advice to help your home be pest-free. Well, some of those extra dried and canned goods can go to a worthy cause! Even if you can’t make it to one of our drop-off centers, we have a fleet of service vehicles ready to come straight to your home and pick up anything you’d like to donate.

3. Spread the Word

Lastly, the more who learn about Exterminate Hunger, the more our program can grow and provide even more meal resources to those in need. Let your friends, family, and neighbors know about Exterminate Hunger and the ways we’re giving back to your communities.

Contact EcoShield today to learn more about our Exterminate Hunger program and how you can get involved!

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