That itsy bitsy spider can be deadly.

If you look around your home, chances are, you may find some spiders that have constructed webs or nests around your home. You need to be careful as some spiders can be very harmful for you and your family. In the United States, there are two venomous spiders that can be dangerous to people. These spiders usually find their way to enter buildings or structures. Let’s learn more about the two most common spiders that are dangerous to humans. 

Common Venomous Spiders

1. Black Widow Spider

Black Widow spiders are very commonly found in the United States. These spiders are mostly found in the western and southern parts of the United States. They are usually identified by the pattern of red color on their abdomen. You will be able to find these spiders in some outdoor spaces that are undisturbed, such as eaves, woodpiles, fences, and any other places with a lot of debris. You can also find these spiders on outdoor toilets (eek!), especially when flies are plentiful. They typically build webs between objects. 

They are going to bite humans when they feel attacked or disturbed. When you make any direct contacts with their webs, they are going to attempt to bite you immediately. A bite from black widow spiders can be dangerous for your body. You are going to find two puncture marks on your skin when they bite you. These spiders are going to produce neurotoxin that can be very painful to the affected areas. This toxin can be spread to several parts of your body, including your abdomen, chest, and other parts of your body. You have to visit your health care provider immediately if a Black Widow spider bites you. 

2. Brown Recluse Spider

This is another common spider that can be found around your home, if the environment is right. This spider is also known as the violin spider. You will be able to find some brown recluse spiders in certain parts of the United States, including southern and Midwestern states. This species has a brown color with dark violin shaped marking on the head. There are six eyes on its head. Brown recluse spiders can be found in workplaces, including sheltered, dry, and secluded areas around structures logs and leaves. You can also find these spiders in dark closets, attics, or shoes. 

Brown recluse spiders usually bite humans when they are attacked or pressured. If you do make unintentional contact with these spiders, they are going to attempt to bite you immediately. Bites can cause stinging sensation on the affected areas. You will find a small white blisters on your skin. The toxin from this spider is going to destroy skin tissues and cause skin necrosis problems. This skin lesion should be treated immediately, so you will not get any other problems in the future. In certain cases, you are going to have some additional symptoms, such as muscle pain, headache, fever, chills, and nausea. When these symptoms occur, you should meet with your health care provider immediately. 

Spider Prevention

1. Trim bushes and high trees

Most spiders love staying on the bushes or trees around your home. They are going to make webs between branches. Leaves are able to provide comfortable areas for them. Therefore, you have to trim all high trees and bushes around your home. Make sure that you remove any branches and shrubs. This tip can help you reduce the population of spiders around your home. 

2. Seal doors and windows

You can keep the spiders outside your home by sealing all windows and doors completely. You need to reduce any gaps around windows and doors. You can use weatherstripping, in order to close all gaps easily. If your door or window frames are broken, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Sealing up your door and window frames can be very effective to prevent general pest infestations, including spider infestations. 

3. Use sticky traps

If you look on the market, you will be able to find a lot of types of sticky traps. These traps are specially made from glue strips. You can trap any spiders or other insects easily. You can place them in several areas where spiders move around. These traps should be placed around your heater, windows, vents, HVAC units, furnace, and also lighting fixtures. Most spiders usually love staying around these areas. 

Your local EcoShield Pest Control office can help ensure that your home remains a place of refuge. Contact us today and we will schedule a time to service your home at a time that works best, providing you a safe home or business.