Protecting against Scorpions

Scorpions are dangerous pests that are related to mites, ticks, and also spiders. An estimated 1,500 scorpion species exist in the world and 70 different species in the United States alone! They have 4 pair of legs and also a pair of pinchers in the front. When looking at them, you are going to find a segmented long tail with their stinger at the end. If you find these insects on your property, you need to get rid of them immediately as they can pose a serious threat to your family and others.

Danger of Scorpions

These insects can be very dangerous. It is important for you to learn about these dangers, so you will be able to avoid trouble with these pests. Most scorpions are going to sting as their defence mechanism. They usually use their stings, in order to kill their prey. When they sting you, you are going to feel symptoms including a burning sensation and also pain on the affected areas. In some cases, scorpion bites can also cause headache and fever. Arizona Bark Scorpions may also deliver venom strong enough to prove fatal. Young children and older adults are the most affected by scorpion stings and may come with serious problems that need to be tended to. Healthy adults tend to not need medical care, but please be in tune to your symptoms and seek assistance as needed.

Scorpion Prevention

If you want to reduce the population of scorpions on your property, you need to follow our simple tips below:

1. Seal all doors and windows

Scorpions usually come to your home via windows and doors. Therefore, you have to seal all access to your home properly. Make sure that you use weather stripping, in order to reduce the population of scorpions in your home.

2. Remove any unwanted things and clutter from your home

This is another easy way for you to find some scorpions inside your home. These insects usually hide behind any items or boxes that can provide cover. You can move all of these things, including pool toys, containers, bricks, tarps, boxes, and any other items to exterior storage, or Goodwill!

3. Fix any leaky pipes

Excessive water can attract scorpions to come into your home. It is very important for you to fix any leaky pipes or sprinkler systems. When you find any excess water, you have to remove it immediately. Make sure that you keep your home as clean and dry as possible so that scorpions don’t see your home as a relaxation spa.

4. Remove/inspect plants inside your home

Scorpions love staying around trees or plants. You should inspect or remove any potted plants in your home or office as these plants can attract scorpions. Don’t forget to prune back any trees that touch the home or hang over your roofline. It is necessary for you to keep all trees trimmed properly in order to limit the hiding places for scorpions.

5. Store firewood outside

If you have some firewood logs inside your home, you should move them to the exterior of your home. You can use your garage or outbuilding to store any of these firewood logs. These logs can be great places for scorpions to hide and live. It would be even better if the firewood were kept a safe distance from the home (at least 25’).

It is important for you to remove any scorpions from your home immediately. These insects can cause a lot of health problems, especially when they sting children or older adults. If you need assistance with a scorpion infestation, please contact your local experts at EcoShield Pest Control. You will be able to reduce the population of these insects effectively, especially when you hire the best pest control service available!