Fall is Creeping Upon Us

As summer comes to an end and the fall approaches, different types of pests like creepy crawlies, rodents, insects and unwanted bugs are looking for somewhere warm to stay as the temperatures drops and becomes cooler. As leaves fall off tree branches due to cooling temperatures, it is important for you to maintain your yard or surrounding areas around your house on a regular basis to prevent buildup of yard debris, leaf litter, mulch and other remnants that serves to attract unwanted pests. If such debris are not properly removed and disposed, they become an open invitation for pests to dwell around find their way into your homes eventually and go unnoticed until they start causing damage to your woodwork, food and other household valuables.

Making adequate preparatory steps to keep them out and prevent them from gaining access is critical to avoid cases of pest infestation. One of the crucial steps involved in preparing your home for fall pests is to thoroughly inspect your property to locate, identify and safeguard vulnerable spots or probable entry ways that these pests could pass through and gain access into your home. These areas include; wall openings, damaged or missing grates, worn out seals around doors, windows and roof vents, wall openings for pipes, cables and wirings, broken windows and panels.

Below are some other important ways to prepare your home for fall pests:

• Clean up the yard and surrounding areas (such as garages and sheds).

Pests are always on the lookout for where to hide especially in yard debris, mulch, leaf litter and other remnants from plants and trees. Be sure to take out any trash or dirt in your garage and shed to eliminate all their potential hiding places close to your home.

• Trim Tree branches and bushes.

Trees and bushes with an overgrowth over your roof or towards your windows should be cut and trimmed moderately to prevent pests from using their extending branches as a platform to gain entry from above through the roof of by the sides through open windows.

• Inspect your basement and crawlspaces.

Check the windows, vents and entry ways to ensure they are sealed up with no vulnerable spots. Be sure to replace any broken screens, panels or fittings covering areas where plumbing or wiring are passed through into the house.

• Seal any hole, gap or crack around doors, windows with caulk sealant or expanding foam.

• Cover up your chimney by using a chimney cap and screen mesh that fits properly to prevent rodents, bugs and flies from gaining access.

• Store and keep all firewood or logs on an elevated platform at substantial distance (at least 15 to 20 feet) away from the house and bring them in only when they are needed to light up the fireplace.

• Store all your dry foods, beverages and other edible materials including pet food in air tight sealed storage jars or a tight lid plastic container.

• Properly store or dispose of any leftovers after meals.

• Wash all dirty dishes, pots and other kitchen utensils immediately after use.

• Employ the services of your local pest management experts at EcoShield to help you inspect, prevent, control and eliminate any pest within or outside your home.

EcoShield has service locations throughout the United States. EcoShield offers pest control service year round to deter pests from ever making your house, their home. Our bi-monthly or quarterly service plans will ensure that you are pest free and treated according to your specific needs. To learn more about EcoShield pest control services for your home or business, simply call (888) 744-1284.