Preventing & Exterminating Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can cause a lot of problems in many households throughout North America. These insects can replicate very quickly, especially when they can find the right place to breed. Bed bugs usually hide in narrow crevices and cracks in your home. As long as they can meet the right temperature to live, they are going to live well in your home. When you find any bed bugs in your home, you have to get rid of them immediately. Here are some useful tips on how you can prevent and exterminate all bed bugs in your home effectively.

Tips for Preventing and Exterminating Bed Bugs

Vacuum your carpet regularly

If you have carpet in your home, you need to vacuum it regularly. Bed bugs are not only found around the bed, but they are also available on the carpet. They can hide within your carpet for a long time. Carpet can provide a comfortable place for them to live and breed. You need to vacuum all the carpets in your home regularly. It is also a good idea for you to use a special carpet cleaning solution that is available on the market. This type of solution is also able to kill any type of insects, including bed bugs, on your carpet.

Remove any unwanted items from your home

This is another easy thing that you can do, especially if you want to prevent and exterminate bed bugs from your home. You should clean up all the clutter. The more clutter you have in your home, the harder it will be to exterminate all the bed bugs from your property. You can donate, recycle, and also dispose of everything that you don’t need anymore – unless you already have bed bugs, in which case, please dispose of it rather than re-gifting those bed bugs! When it is possible, you can also organize and store all of your belongings properly. You can use an organizer for storing all necessary items neatly.

 Seal your home

Bed bugs can enter your home in many ways. They usually travel through any holes around your home. Therefore, you have to seal all holes that are located around your home, so you can prevent bed bugs from coming to your home. You can apply silicone caulk on any cracks around your home. This caulk is the best material for sealing your home properly. Make sure that you seal any holes around your home, so all bed bugs cannot enter your home again in the future.

Check and clean your mattress regularly

If you want to get rid of all the bed bugs from your place, you should check your mattress regularly. It is a good idea for you to clean it at least once per month. Cleaning your mattress can kill all insects, including bed bugs, that are living in your mattress. Don’t forget to clean all accessories that are related to your mattress, for example, the mattress cover or box spring cover. After you clean your mattress, you should dry your mattress completely. Wet mattresses can attract any insects, including bed bugs, from coming back to your home.

Use bed bug spray

When you look at the market, you can find a lot of types of bed bug sprays that are available today. These products are very effective to eliminate any bed bugs from your home quickly. It is recommended that you read all reviews from other customers, so you can avoid using any low-quality products that are available on the market. You can apply this bed bug spray on several areas inside your home. This type of spray can also kill all bed bug eggs that may be available around your home.

Exterminating bed bugs from your home can be extremely difficult. When you want to get rid of bed bugs from your home completely, you can hire EcoShield Pest Control. Using our services can help you save a lot of time and money, so you can get rid of bed bugs from your home quickly.