Preventing Pest Infestation from Holiday Decorations

The holiday season is in full swing. You may be in the process of decorating your home with some beautiful and aesthetic decorations, for example, live greenery and festive lights. They can be very attractive when they are placed in the right place in your home. However, some of these holiday decorations may attract certain pests, such as moths, spiders, rodents, and some other unwanted insects – some of which may have made a home of your holiday decor in the off-season!

These pests can cause a lot of problems when they are not treated correctly. Make sure that you check all holiday decorations, so you can prevent pest infestation in your home. Here are some useful tips for preventing pest infestation from holiday decorations.

1. Take a look at your live greenery

Many people are using live greenery for decorating their homes. Live greenery can add a beautiful rustic atmosphere in your home. However, live greenery can be a home for pests, such as spiders, moths, or ants. To prevent pest infestation from this live greenery, you should inspect all live greenery accessories, including wreaths or trees. You can shake them outdoors before you bring them inside. You also need to take a look at any signs of pests, for example, spider egg sacs, droppings, or gnaw marks.

2. Clean your boxed decorations regularly

Storage boxes of decorations can also bring pests into your home. These storage containers are usually kept in the garage, attic, or basement. When they are stored for a long time, they can provide an ideal place for any pests to make their home. Some pests can grow inside these boxes, including rodents, cockroaches, ants, etc. Therefore, you have to check and clean your boxed decorations semi-annually at a minimum. Checking your decorations during the year can prevent any pests from moving in.

3. Use the right type of storage

After the holiday season has ended, you need to store all the decorations properly. You should store these decorations, so they can be used again next year. It is important to store any decorations in sealed containers. These containers should be impenetrable by any pests, including small insects, ants, etc. Sealed containers can prevent any pests from infesting your holiday decorations. These sealed containers can be made from high quality and durable materials, such as plastic or glass.

4. Store firewood properly

Firewood can be a perfect decoration for the holiday season. If you have this item in your home, you need to store your firewood on raised structures. This firewood should be stored at least 20 feet away from your home. When you are planning to bring this firewood inside your home, you should inspect it for any pests. Don’t forget to brush it off before you bring it indoors. You should remove any pests from the firewood, such as ants, cockroaches, or spiders. You should clean these pests off outside, so you can prevent pest infestation from this firewood.

5. Unpack decorations outdoors

After you pull decorations from your storage area, you should unpack them outside your home. This tip is useful for helping you reduce the risk of getting a pest infestation from your holiday decorations. You should unpack these decorations, so you can check for any pests, such as spiders, mice, bugs, ants, or cockroaches. Don’t forget to check the strands of lights. The wiring of these string lights should be fully intact before you install them inside your home.

You have to be careful with any pests that may build their nests on these decorations. You should prevent pest infestation from holiday decorations, especially if you don’t want to deal with any pest problems in your home. To ensure that these problems don’t creep up on you, you should contact EcoShield Pest Control. We can ensure that your property is protected against pest infestations all year-round.