Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips for Pest Control

Spring is coming! This is a wonderful season that comes with warm and comfortable temperatures. It can be a perfect time for you to clean up your home. You can make your home the best place to live with your family. This article is going to discuss some useful spring cleaning tips for ensuring your home remains pest free. You can remove any unwanted pests from your home quickly by following some of these tips below. Some areas should be cleaned regularly, including your kitchen, bedrooms, garage, and bathrooms.

a. Clean all cabinets in your kitchen

Kitchens are typically the central gathering place within a home. Kitchens tend to attract a lot of pests, such as cockroaches, ants, spring bugs, and any other insects. The kitchen can provide easy access to water and food sources for pests. When you want to clean your home completely, you should start your cleaning process in your kitchen. Take the opportunity to remove any unwanted items from your cabinets and pantry. You can discard all expired items, such as flours, snacks, food residues, stale spices, and any other food products. Ensure that the items are thrown out properly in trash bags and placed in bins to ensure outdoor critters aren’t attracted to your property.

b. Remove unwanted items at the basement

If you want to remove any pests from your home, you should take good care of your basement. This is another common place for insects, such as spiders, bugs, and ants, to live well because the basement has a comfortable environment for pests. You can start the spring cleaning procedure by removing all unwanted items in the basement. It is a good idea for you to categorize all items in separate containers, so you can find these items easily in the future. All unwanted items can be donated or sold to others that can make use of your unwanted items.

c. Clean up your bedroom

We humans tend to spend a lot of time inside our bedrooms. It can be the best place for you to take a rest after you do regular activities every day. Therefore, you need to clean up this room regularly to ensure any unwanted pests KEEP OUT of your bedroom. You should check your mattress, pillows, box spring, and also bedding for any pests from your bedroom. Some insects may grow rapidly in your bedroom, for example, bed bugs, ants, or cockroaches. Cleaning your bedroom from any clutters can make you get rid of these pests easily and ensure a healthy environment for you to capture some Z’s.

d. Take good care of your bathroom

A dirty bathroom can attract a lot of pests to your home, for example, centipedes, ants, cockroaches, and also spiders. It’s a must to perform a thorough cleaning of your bathroom at the beginning of the spring season. You can pour bleach down the bathtub to kill many unwanted pests in your bathroom. It’d be ideal to clean out your drain pipes during this cleaning as well. Don’t forget to wipe down the bathroom’s surfaces with disinfectant and remove any moisture from all surfaces. It is very important to keep your bathroom as dry as possible. A dry environment tends to repel pests away from your bathroom.

e. Check the outdoor area of your home

When performing your spring cleaning procedure, it’d be a good idea to check the outdoor area of your home. You should look at any damages that may have occurred during the winter season. Make sure that you clean all clogged downspouts and gutters, so these items can function well in your home. When necessary, you should also repair ripped screens, loose mortar, or weather-stripping on your windows. You can also trim bushes and branches away from your home, so you can reduce the population of insects and other pests from your home.

Spring can be the best time for you to clean all parts of your home. Cleaning your home regularly can help you remove any unwanted pests from your home. EcoShield Pest Control can help you ensure a safe jump into spring by performing a pest control service at your home or business. Our customers highly recommend our services due to our environmentally friendly products and reliable service. Reach out to us today to get scheduled!