COVID-19 & EcoShield Pest Control

COVID-19 & The Importance of Pest Control

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak affects all of our lives significantly. You may be wondering whether you can continue pest control services for your properties or not. Effective pest management has been deemed an essential service and is now more important than ever before. It’s important that EcoShield Pest Control remain your partner in pest control during this difficult time. While dealing with the quarantine, you need to keep all pests from your home during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Importance of Pest Control Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

a. Increased amount of pests on the streets

Lockdown situations can cause an increase in the number of pests on the streets. They tend to venture out as they cannot find any leftovers from restaurants or other food-based businesses. Many of these establishments will be closed for an extended period of time during the Coronavirus outbreak. This situation can be dangerous for you during this outbreak because some pests may come to your home seeking food… and toilet paper.

b. Reduced food waste collection and recycling process

Some local authorities are trying to curtail the collection and recycling process of food waste during this lockdown situation. When this situation continues to occur, you will find additional food waste gathering for periods of time. This waste is going to attract a lot of pests, so they can grow very significantly during this outbreak. EcoShield Pest Control’s services can be used to limit the growth of these pests during this time.

c. Avoid any diseases that can be caused by some pests

During this outbreak, it is important to maintain our health. By remaining healthy, you are less likely to need to visit doctors’ offices or hospitals during the pandemic. Hospitals in certain parts of the country are very busy during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Some pests may cause dangerous diseases in our bodies. For example, rats can bring some parasites, such as Salmonella, and Toxoplasma gondii. Both micro-organisms can be dangerous for humans. It is important that these rodents are removed from your home, as they may also spread the Hantavirus. We can help ensure that those pests aren’t hanging out around your home.

d. The possibility of the pests in transferring Coronavirus

We have been hearing recently of certain pets and animals contracting the virus. They may pose a threat via cross-species transmission to humans. Some other pests may spread Coronavirus to humans, for example, bats, bamboo rats, rodents, and potentially other pests that are unknown at this time. It’s important that you limit your exposure to any pests that are around your home.

Frequent pest control services can help you remove and deter any pests from your home quickly. You can also reduce negative effects that can be caused by the Coronavirus during this outbreak. It’s important to maintain good personal hygiene during this outbreak. Good hygiene plays an essential role in helping you control the spread of the Coronavirus effectively.