Pest Control for New Homes

When you are planning to move to your new home, you should consider hiring the best pest control service that is available. New homes can be just as susceptible to pests as older homes. Most new homes are usually open to the environment during construction, so they can attract a lot of insects and pests that can grow well on the new building structures.

There are some common insects or pests that may be attracted to many new homes. Most of these pests usually come from the environment and the building materials that are exposed to the open air. Therefore, you need to eliminate these pests from your new home as soon as possible.

Common pests that may be attracted to your new home

a. Mice

Many new homes are built in areas that were recently wooded and then cleared. When the contractors start to open up the wooded area, they are going to disturb the rodent’s habitats. Most mice are going to go away to the nearest empty spaces for building up their new communities. In some cases, they can come back to your home environment when they can find some new opportunities to get food from your neighborhood. These mice may grow well on any gaps or holes that may be available in your new home.

b. Ants

Most building materials are made from natural products, such as wood, rock, brick, etc. These products can be the best place for any insects or pests to grow well. When you look at your building very closely, you may be able to find some homes of the ants around your environment. They are going to grow and breed very rapidly in this environment. They are usually interested in setting up their homes in a dry and comfortable place. Your home may be just that kind of place for them. Although they don’t bring any diseases to your family, they can reduce the overall aesthetic in your home, and some bite!

c. Spiders

Many new homeowners have problems with spiders in their new homes. These spiders may come from the trees that are located near your home. These spiders usually come to your place because they are interested in eating other pests, such as moths, flies, roaches, ants, and any other small pests. Most spiders are not dangerous for human beings, while some spiders may bring toxic substances to you and your family. You have to remove these spiders from your home as soon as possible after you move into your new home.

Tips for Preventing and Removing Pests from Your Home

There are many other pests that you may find in your new home. You need to remove these pests fully, so you will never have to deal with these insects or pests in the future. You can start by cleaning all parts of your home. It is a good idea for you to check all holes or cracks that may occur in your new home. These cracks and holes may attract a lot of pests who are interested in staying in your home. You should fix these cracks or holes in your walls before you can continue to the next step.

Then, you can remove any unwanted materials from your home and the environment as soon as possible. By removing all of these materials, you can reduce the possibility of getting a pest infection in the future. Most pests and insects love staying at these unwanted materials, such as wood, trash, leaves, etc. You need to keep your home as clean as possible, so you can avoid having any other problems with pests.

Before you move to your new home, you should consider hiring the best pest control service for your needs – EcoShield Pest Solutions. Our technicians know how to best keep your home pest-free. Give us a call today to have your home protected!