Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

Many people have problems with mosquitoes in their homes. These insects can live and breed in your home! When a mosquito bite your skin, they are going to drink your blood while putting some saliva into your skin. Their saliva contains proteins and anticoagulant properties. In your body, these proteins are recognized as foreign substances.

These proteins will trigger the release of your natural immune system. Your body will release histamine to fight against these proteins. Histamine can help your body send white blood cells to reach the affected area. Histamine is the one that can cause inflammation, itchiness, and swelling on your skin.

Different people may have different reactions to these bites. If you are the one who has sensitive skin, you should learn about how you can treat your itchiness immediately. There are some useful tips that you can follow, so you can ease the itchiness from your mosquito bites. 

Tips on How to Reduce Itchiness on Your Skin

a. Clean the affected area with alcohol

When you want to reduce itchiness on your skin, you can apply alcohol on your skin. Alcohol has a good cooling effect on your skin. When this product dries, it will relieve itchiness immediately. Alcohol can also reduce the redness of mosquito bites. However, you should never use too much alcohol because too much alcohol can actually irritate your skin more.

b. Apply a little bit of honey on your skin

Honey is another great product that you can use for treating your itchiness. Honey can act as a good antiseptic and antibacterial product for your body. It is also used because it has good wound healing properties. This product is shown to be very effective in reducing inflammation on your skin. You can reduce the itchiness of your mosquito bites.

c. Use a cold tea bag

Both green and black teas are very useful because they can create anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory effects on your skin. You can soak a bag of tea and put it in the fridge before you apply it on your skin. The effect of using this cold tea bag is instant. You will be able to reduce inflammation and itchiness on your skin immediately.

d. Apply a basil rub on your skin

Basil has some useful ingredients that can relieve itchy skin. You can make your rub by combining water and dried basil leaves. Then, you can dip a washcloth to the pot and apply it on your skin. Basil can create a comfortable feeling on your skin.

e. Take antihistamine medicines

Antihistamines are proven to be very effective in lowering the amount of histamine in your body. Therefore, they can be used to reduce inflammation that may occur on your skin. Some over-the-counter antihistamine medications are available on the market, for example, Benadryl, Claritin, and calamine lotion.

f. Apply aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the best natural ingredients for treating your itchiness on your skin. This product is proven to be very effective in delivering the best anti-inflammatory properties on your skin. When this product is used on the affected area, it can heal your wound and reduce infection on the skin. The cooling effect from this product can also soothe itchiness on your skin.

g. Use oatmeal for your skin

Oatmeal has some active ingredients that can be used to soothe allergic reactions and insect bites on your skin. It is recommended for you to apply this product as a covering on your mosquito bite. Then, you can leave it on your skin for about 15 minutes before you wash it off with warm water. When necessary, you can also use moisturizer cream after the treatment.

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