What are “murder hornets”?

You may have recently heard of “Murder Hornets”  invading the United States – we needed one more thing to worry about in 2020, right? These insects could potentially pose significant threats to you and your family as well as our ecosystem. If you find any of these hornets on your property, you should hire EcoShield Pest Solutions for removing these insects safely. 

What Are Murder Hornets? 

Murder Hornets are also called the Asian giant hornets. They are considered one of the largest hornets in the world. They have a body length of 45 mm with a 6 mm stinger. This stinger will be very dangerous for human beings. It will inject a large amount of venom which will cause a potent danger for us. 

They are native to the tropical regions in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and also the Russian Far East area. These hornets are also found in the Pacific Northwest of North America. They usually prefer to live in forests or low mountains. in most cases, murder hornets will avoid high-altitude climates or plains for building nests. Murder hornets will eat insects, honey, tree sap, etc.  

The Dangers of the Sting

Murder hornets have a large stinger which is about 6 mm long. It is much longer than the one in a regular honeybee. This stinger will inject a large amount of potent venom which will contain bee and wasp venoms, including the cytolytic peptide. This substance will damage tissues by stimulating the phospholipase action. In some cases, these murder hornets can spray their venoms to our eyes. 

The venom from these hornets also contains a high amount of neurotoxin called mandaratoxin. This is a single-chain polypeptide that can be very dangerous for our body. Even though you are not allergic to the venom, this substance will be lethal when the dose is sufficient. 

When you get multiple stings from several murder hornets, you will have a serious health issue. If the victims are allergic to their venom, they will have an increased risk of death. Because of this reason, murder hornets are classified as one of the most dangerous insects in the world today. 

Effects on human

Some negative effects can be caused by these murder hornets. When you are stung by these hornets, you need to seek medical help as soon as possible. The venom from these insects can cause kidney failure when you are not treated immediately.

When this situation is not treated immediately, it can cause some other health issues, such as multiple organ failure, cardiac arrest, anaphylactic shock, etc. Some people will also suffer from necrosis and hemorrhaging problems. Both conditions will lead to deaths when they are not treated properly. 

How to Eliminate these Hornets from Your Properties

a. Mass poisoning

It is one of the most efficient methods for eliminating hornets. You can capture the hornets at the apiary, so you can feed them with a sugar solution or bee. This sugar solution can be combined with malathion which will be very poisonous to them. This toxin is going to spread to their whole body through trophallaxis. 

b. Use some traps

There are a lot of traps that can be used to catch these hornets effectively. You can place these traps at the beehive entrances. The effectiveness of these traps will be determined by the position you have for placing these traps on the hives. There are several types of materials that you can use as traps, for example, weeds, fishing nets, wires, etc. 

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