Two Homes Burglarized by Man Posing as Pest Control

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While this report comes out of San Diego, it is a warning for homeowners and office building managers everywhere. Recently, two homes were burglarized by a man who approached homeowners as a pest management official. He appeared at their front door, wearing a shirt with the city logo and claiming he needed to inspect their backyard in order to place possum and raccoon traps. He would then ask the homeowners to escort him to the backyard to help in the inspection and discuss whether they had any recent pest issues. House of paper in hand

However, while the man in question measured areas and placed traps, keeping the homeowner busy, a second individual gained access to the home through the left-open front door and proceeded to burgle jewelry and other valuables–more than $2,000 in value. It is critical that whenever you accept the services of a pest control technician, you confirm beyond a doubt that they are truly legitimate and will provide safe and secure pest management. Just like with real pests, you don’t want criminals gaining access to your home under unfortunate circumstances. So here are several ways you can confirm a pest technician and overall pest management service.

How to Choose Pest Control Technicians


1. Perform a Background Check

If someone approaches you, claiming to be from pest control services, do due diligence and research to discover if they’re who they say they are. Ask for their company name or contact info and then get in touch with the provided management service to confirm the person works for them.

2. Read Company Reviews

Go online to Yelp or other review sites and look up any pest control company, seeing others’ experiences with them. This can give you an idea of the quality of their service, alongside professionalism and friendliness.

3. Never be Pressured into Services

Always take the time to review a pest service technician. If they’re trying to make you accept pest management services right then and there (even for free), let this be a warning flag some other scheme may be in play.

4. Get Recommendations

Don’t hesitate to contact family, friends, or neighbors and simply ask what pest control services they’ve used and which pest control management companies they trust.

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