EcoShield Pest Control uses Integrated Pest Management to find the root of your pest problem. Watch this video to learn why this is so important.

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Our customer service sets EcoShield apart from other pest control companies. Our employees stay with us long-term and that makes a big difference.

At EcoShield, we take great pride in recruiting professional, friendly and experienced team members. We love our job and our clients.

“I work with EcoShield because we offer the top of the line products and we keep it affordable for our customers. That’s important.”

— Daniel, EcoShield Branch Manager

Welcome to the EcoShield family. Pest-free living with 3-step protection.

Stay pest free this summer with the easy to follow checklist.

At EcoShield Pest Control, we strive to provide the best service by going above and beyond what is expected for our customers.

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