Bed Bugs are a homeowners worst nightmare. Bed bug infestations spread when an individual comes into contact with bed bugs and unknowingly brings them somewhere else. They are transported as stowaways, hiding in luggage, couches, beds, pillows, or backpacks to name a few.

Bed bugs cling to moving items like briefcases and can easily fall off, allowing them to relocate and spread. It’s also a common occurrence that bed bugs lay eggs on these items. As the host moves, they can fall off and hatch far away from where they originally came from.

Bed Bug Facts:

  • Bedbugs multiply quickly and setup shop inside your residence.
  • One single female bedbug can deposit 200-500 eggs in a period of seven months.
  • Once laid, each egg will hatch in 6-10 days.
  • Bedbugs need protein to survive. That is why they feed on people.
  • Bedbugs are nocturnal so they only come out at night. You may never see them until it is too late.
  • Bedbugs are difficult to eradicate, especially with products from your local convenience store


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Four Easy Steps to Eliminate Your Bed Bug Problem:

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Step 1:
Don't panic and don't start throwing away your furniture or start bombing and spraying chemicals everywhere.  We've got a guaranteed solution!

Step 2:
Call EcoShield Pest Solutions.

Step 3:
A representative from EcoShield Pest Solutions will come to your residence for a visual inspection and at this time we will provide you with a FREE no-obligation estimate. Once properly identified, treatment by our dedicated technicians can begin as soon as the next day.

Step 4:
Our highly trained technicians will utilize the following treatment methods to eliminate bed bug infestations in your home.

  • We will work with you to prepare your house for the treatment
  • Our certified technicians will effectively treat your bed, furniture, wall voids, structural guidelines and many other cracks and crevices
  • We will use Rapid Freeze, the latest bedbug technology to freeze any adults, nymphs or eggs that might be hanging around
  • We will install mattress covers to keep your bed protected from future invasions
  • We will install specialized bedbug monitoring devices in you rooms that are designed to identify and stop bedbug activity before they get into your bed
  • Since every infestation is different, we tailor our bed bug solutions to quickly eliminate your problem.

Why Choose ecoshield for your bed bug service?

  • We'll quickly knock down bed bugs with the latest Rapid Freeze technology
  • The long lasting residual will keep your protected
  • Retreatment Guarantee: If the bedbugs come back we stand behind our work.
  • Our annual customers enjoy year-round bedbug protection for their home.
  • As long as you keep your renewal, we'll come back to get the job done.
  • Bedbug monitoring devices are inspected and replaced if necessary
  • We will retreat for any new infestations
  • We'll repair or replace any damaged bedbug covers that were installed on the initial treatment

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Our Guarantee:

If your bugs come back in between regular visits, we will return and treat for FREE.

After two free re-services for the same guaranteed pest problem, if we don’t have your pests under control then we will credit 100% of your last full payment.