Carpenter Bee Removal


Eliminating Carpenter Bees and those ugly stains on your home can be a simple and easy process. EcoShield offers a service that not only removes active Carpenter Bee infestations, but our service also prevents Carpenter Bees from returning and drilling new holes. 

Carpenter bees are large and black and yellow in color. They are most often mistaken for bumble bees because they are similar in color and size, but they do differ in that carpenter bees have a black shiny tail section (abdomen) compared to the bumble bee which has fuzzy yellow hairs throughout the abdomen area. Carpenter bees are frequently seen in the springtime hovering around the eaves of a house or on the underside of a deck and porch railings.

Carpenter bees differ from termites in that they do not consume the wood as food. They simply excavate tunnels in the wood, for nesting and breeding purposes only. They discard the bits of wood from the entry hole areas, or they will use it to make partitions (walls) inside the tunnels of their nests.

Homeowners complain not only about the aggressive nature of these bees, but about the round holes that are bored into the wood trim near eaves and gables of homes, fascia boards, porch ceilings, outdoor wooden furniture, decks, wood siding and window frames. Initial damage is usually minor, but new tunnels may be excavated and old ones enlarged, causing considerable wood damage.

The yellow, coarse sawdust from borings beneath their entry holes will contain their waste materials, leaving unsightly stains throughout your property.

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Carpenter Bee Shield Service

  • A skilled EcoShield technician will come out to the property and treat inside the Carpenter Bee gallery (nests) where there is currently activity. This will prevent the bees from being able to re-enter their nests, stopping all activity for the year. Carpenter Bees are very territorial and will hang around even if they can't get back into their nests so it may take up to a month to stop seeing them all together, but the important factor is that they will stop damaging the structure.
  • We'll eliminate carpenter bees on your home and connected structures such as decks, fences, pool houses, etc.
  • Ground floor, first and second story removal is available for homeowners.
  • Once the Carpenter Bees are gone for good, we'll come back and seal up the holes a few weeks later.

Guaranteed Carpenter bee removal

Eliminating carpenter bees and the resulting damage to your home can be a simple and easy process. EcoShield's Carpenter Bee Service not only treats for existing carpenter bees, but also protects your home from future infestations. While some pest control companies only address current carpenter bee issues, EcoShield's holistic approach removes present carpenter bees and prevents their return, leaving your home better protected against stinging insects. 

If carpenter bees are damaging the wood on your home, deck, outdoor shed, or fence, don't delay. The longer carpenter bees are present, the more likely they are to reproduce and further infest your home and other structures. Call EcoShield at the first indication of carpenter bees and prevent costly remediation from late-stage infestation.

Bonus: since carpenter bee larvae are also a prime food source for woodpeckers, controlling potential carpenter bee issues will also ensure your home is less likely to experience woodpecker damage.