Tired of battling mosquitoes in your backyard? Ecoshield is proud to offer the most effective and affordable mosquito control solutions so you can enjoy being outside again. Whether you have pets, kids or just enjoy sitting outdoors and enjoying your yard, our mosquito program will make sure that you can do that without annoying mosquitoes biting you at every turn!

The Squito Shield Program Includes:

  • Service Intervals every 3 weeks
  • A barrier treatment targeting mosquitoes on natural and structural surfaces 
  • Larvacidal treatments where needed 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Highly Effective!
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 100% Guaranteed

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Every three weeks an EcoShield technician will come out to your home to conduct an inspection, looking for areas where water can pool, which often makes an ideal breeding source for females to lay eggs. Your technician will eliminate breeding sources where water can easily emptied.

Breeding sources that cannot be eliminated are treated with an insect growth regulator to prevent mosquito larvae from maturing to adults. Finally, the technician will use a fogger to treat areas around your property used as resting sites by adult mosquitoes, such as vegetation around the perimeter of the home, beneath decks and other outdoor shaded areas that are attractive to adults mosquitoes.

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Having a PARTY? Family reunion? Picnic? Or any other outdoor activity at your home this summer? 

Our Mosquito Event Treatment is a one-time mosquito control solution. This is a short-term treatment that is delivered in time for your event, so your guests can enjoy themselves. At EcoShield, we understand that your guests would much rather create wonderful memories instead of being annoyed by mosquitoes the whole time. 

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