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EcoShield Pest Solutions has proudly served the state of Arizona for years. We are the premier provider of general pest control service including scorpions, roaches, spiders, mice, and ants to name a few.

At EcoShield, our pest control experts know everything about bugs and pests — their habits, where they live and breed, and how to get rid of them safely and effectively. Our environmentally conscious approach to pest control targets pests where they live and breed so that we can prevent pests from invading your home or business. With our commitment to training excellence, our highly trained technicians are well qualified to handle any type of pest problem.

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Ants- You may experience many types of ant problems such as Fire Ants, Crazy Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pharoah, or Rover Ants. While Odorous house ants and Pharoah ants are more of an annoyance since they are not damaging the structure of your home like Carpenter Ants. However, Fire ants can bite, sting, and they just keep building more nests, while crazy ants bite but cannot sting. At EcoShield, we realize that you do not want these pests in your home which is why we offer services to prevent and eliminate ant problems.

Ants can enter through tiny cracks in your home, looking for food or water. If you have a nest of ants anywhere near your home, you are open to an ant infestation. Some ant colonies can grow as large as 500,000 ants, and they have no problem moving if they feel it's necessary. This is why DIY ant exterminations don't typically work, because they don't account for the hundreds of thousands of ants you can't see.

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Scorpions Arizona Bark Scorpions are the most common type of scorpion in the East Valley and, subsequently, the most bothersome for homeowners and business owners. They are yellow and brown with horizontal bands across their body. These terrifying creatures are an average of 3 inches long. They have two extended claws, six legs, and one venomous stinger. Arizona bark scorpions are native to Arizona, California, New Mexico, and parts of Mexico. They are the most poisonous scorpion in the state, sending tons of humans to the hospital every year. When it comes to pest control, scorpions are an unfortunate reality. If you aren't prepared for possible scorpion infestations, your home may be vulnerable. To learn more click here

Termites Termites fulfill an important role in our ecological system by speeding up the natural process of deterioration and helping turn the dead wood into new soil. Unfortunately, termites dont know the difference between a stump in your yard and the wood in your home. Termites live in social colonies, typically found in the soil. While they are generally found foraging underground for fallen wood, or plant debris, they can also enter homes, causing extensive damage if left untreated. The most common types of termites in the Phoenix, AZ area are subterranean termites and drywood termites. To learn more click here

MosquitoesMosquitoes are flying pests that come into contact with humans in the and the Phoenix, area is listed among the metro areas with the worst mosquito problem in the nation. They are highly dangerous pests due to their resistance against deadly and devastating diseases such as West Nile Virus. As the primary carriers of the West Nile Virus, the likelihood of contracting the virus from a mosquito bite is high in Maricopa County and the surrounding areas. Is there really a way to prevent mosquitoes from living and breeding on your property? The pest management professionals at EcoShield have a service that is environmentally friendly and effective. To learn more about our mosquito service click here

Bed Bugs Bed Bugs, unlike other insects that feed on blood, have never been proven to transmit disease to humans. However, bed bugs bites can cause itchy red welts in some people and are often confused with poison ivy or an allergic reaction of some kind. Many people also find the presence of bed bugs distressing and may have trouble sleeping. At EcoShield, we specialize in bed bug elimination. Our service is fully guaranteed to get rid of bed bugs. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, please contact us immediately before the problem continues to get worse. To learn more click here

Carpenter Bees Eliminating Carpenter Bees and those ugly stains on your home can be a simple and easy process. EcoShield offers a service that not only removes active Carpenter Bee infestations, but our service also prevents Carpenter Bees from returning and drilling new holes. If you suspect Carpenter Bees are nesting on your home or connected structures such as decks, fences, playsets, etc. please give us a call for fast guaranteed service. To learn more click here

Mouse Control and EliminationMice normally find their way indoors searching for food and in order to keep warm through the winter. Since mice have collapsible bodies, they can get into homes through cracks or holes smaller than a dime.

Mice are often not seen by homeowners because they usually only come out at night, and they are identified through the damage they cause and the noises they make while out of sight. Their natural diet consists of seeds and grains, but they will eat many different things. Mice tend to nibble on things, making frequent trips to food sources within 25 feet of their nests. After mice enter your home, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of since they often live in hidden areas within garages, attics, lofts, and wall interiors. To learn more about mice click here

Mice removal and prevention is included with our Shield Home Protection Plan and the Shield Exclusion Service. To learn more, please give us a call of fill out the form on this page

Cockroaches Cockroaches are common pests that infest both houses and commercial buildings where there is food, warmth and moisture. There are multiple different species of cockroaches that can be found in the Phoenix area including Oriental cockroaches, German cockroaches, and American cockroaches. They are mainly active at night and are often found in homes and restaurants. Unlike pests that primarily feed off of outdoors vegetation, cockroaches are drawn to things that are commonly found in homes such as store-bought food, toothpaste, and kitchen sponges. If you suspect roaches are living in your home or business, call us today! To learn more about roaches click here

Stinging Insects At EcoShield, we can also remove stinging insect nests such as Hornets, Yellowjackets, wasps. Don't put yourself or your neighbors at risk by messing around with DIY nest removal. Also available for Carpenter Bees! Call us today for safe, effective, and fast service!

Spiders Two types of spiders you may encounter at your Arizona home include the Black Widow and Arizona Brown Spider. A mature female black widow spider has a large, shiny, black body with a bright red or orange hourglass shape on its abdomen. They are most often found where water and insects are readily available, like pool pumps, garages, wood piles, and outdoor furniture. The male black widow is much smaller than its female counterpart and is brown and white in color and his bite cannot pierce the skin due to his size, making him harmless to humans.

The Arizona brown spider, a cousin of the true brown recluse, is not aggressive to humans and only bites when threatened. This spider ranges in size from a nickel to a quarter, with a darker brown fiddle shape on the head. It can typically be found in undisturbed areas of houses, garages and storage buildings.

If you have spiders in your home, please give us a call or fill out the form on this page.

Ticks  Ticks are known to transmit diseases, including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Tularemia. If you have a tick problem at you home, please give us a call or fill out the form on this page.

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