It is well known that fleas can cause extreme discomfort for your pets, but did you know that fleas can also feed on humans? On top of that, they can infest pet beds, carpets, furniture, and other areas where the host animal may rest.

Fleas reproduce quickly and exist in large populations wherever livestock and animals exist. Essentially, if they have food to sustain them, they will not go away. Just treating your animals isn’t enough either, because they can exist in many areas around your home.

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What is a Flea?

 Fleas are small biting insects that feed on dogs and cats, but may also bite humans. Fleas are only 1/8 of an inch long, but they can jump up to 8 inches vertically. They are flat on the sides and have backward facing spines on their bodies. Fleas can be spread through the house as their eggs fall off the pet as it moves through the home and the yard, but in general they spend the majority of their time on the host animal. They become an even larger issue when they begin breeding in your home. These tiny jumping pests are a true nuisance and plague homeowners that experience their activity.

Why do I have them?

Flea infestations begin when an animal brings them into the home. This can be a result of a pet, or could be coming from a wild mammal like squirrels, raccoons, and feral cats. Flea activity in your home can also be a sign of a rodent or wildlife issue. 

A common hiding place for fleas is rugs and carpeting, and fleas can easily develop deep within home carpeting. They burrow into the fibers where they can avoid light and low levels of humidity. Once larvae become adults, they jump onto a passing host such as your dog, which is when you begin to see the infestation.

Why should I be concerned with Fleas?

Fleas can spread quickly since each female flea can between 400 and 800 eggs in her lifetime. Fleas feed on the blood of their host which could easily be your pet or even your leg. Flea bites on humans tend to be around the feet, ankles, and lower legs, manifesting as red bumps surrounded by a halo shape. The bites can become very itchy and uncomfortable for both humans and pets. 

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