Mice and rats are one of the most hazardous infestations you can have. They can cause various diseases, leave an unhealthy residue, and can even affect the livability of your home as they chew through wires and walls. Rodents not only cause harm themselves, but they can also leave you vulnerable to further infestations.

On top of that, they can harm your food sources, making everything you eat unhealthy and hazardous to your health. Despite most over the counter measures to get rid of these pests, rodents are notoriously wary of changes to their environment. This makes them particularly difficult to get rid of on your own.

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What Are Mice?

Mice are small rodents that can be found throughout the world. Though there are many different species of mice, the most common ones found in your home or business are house mice, field mice, or white-footed mice. The type of mice infestation that you’re dealing with usually depends on where you live or work. If your property is in an area with more open space near a barn or shed, it’s more likely that field mice have made their way into your home or office. Mice can reproduce rapidly, making it very important to address the infestation and get rid of mice as soon as possible. Mice tend to be smaller than rats with shorter, thinner tails and larger ears. Mice are typically smallish in size and gray in color.

How Do I Identify Mice?

Sometimes, identifying mice in your home or business can be tricky as they are nocturnal creatures and usually only active at night. If the infestation has taken place in your home, you may notice sounds of movement in the walls or ceiling during the night. However, if the mice have found their way into your business, it may be more difficult to identify the infestation as most people are not at their place of business in the evening. If you haven’t noticed any unusual sounds, the best way to identify mice in your home or business is to look for mouse droppings. These are tiny little pellets that can be found in the areas of the house that the mice frequent the most, such as attics, garages, basements, warehouses, and crawl spaces.

Aside from sounds and mice droppings, you may notice other signs such as chewed wood or walls. Some people also noticed tracks in the places where the mice have been running around. There may also be a slight urine smell noticeable if you have a mice infestation.

How Did I Get Mice?

Because mice are so small and resourceful, they can find their way into your home or business through many different avenues. If there are any cracks or holes in your walls, pipes, or foundation, this is a common method of entrance for mice. Mice may even be able to find their way into your home or business via sewer lines. Should you accidentally leave doors or windows open, this is another method for them to enter the building.

Mice are very small rodents and they are capable of squeezing into much smaller places than expected. An opening as small as a quarter of an inch can provide a hiding place or entry spot for a mouse. That’s smaller than a dime.

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