Given the high amount of foot traffic in retail environments, these places are always under constant threat of pest infestations.

Once pests make your retail business their new home, the results can be catastrophic. Besides spreading diseases like salmonella around, these unwanted critters can easily scare your customers away.

You wouldn’t shop at a store that had roaches crawling all over their products would you?

Fortunately for those in the retail industry, companies like EcoShield Pest Control provide professional pest removal services. Our specialists will come up with a plan of attack that addresses your business’ specific needs, keeping things like the amount of traffic that comes in, the physical layout of your facility, and your current sanitary practices into consideration.

There is no such thing as an infestation that is too severe for our specialists to handle.

If you’re currently in need of professional retail pest control services, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888) 744 1284 for a free quote, and we’ll gladly answer all your questions.