When it comes to pest control, schools have very specific needs. They tend to be prone to infestations due to the high amount of daily traffic and activities that take place in educational facilities.

The presence of pests can easily disrupt the learning process, and these critters are also capable of spreading diseases.

Potential students or parents might also view the presence of pests as an indication of an incompetent administration, which in turn hurts the reputation of the institution.

With specialists like the folks at EcoShield, infestations can be eradicated by utilizing customized pest control strategies, depending on the particular needs of each educational facility. Our specialists will work with your institution’s schedule, meaning you don’t have to worry about our technicians interfering with the day-to-day activities of the educational center.

As part of our pest control program designed for schools, our technicians will educate your staff members on the best ways to maintain a pest-free education facility.

Don’t wait until your school’s reputation is damaged by pests, give us a call at (888) 744 1284 for a free quote, and you’ll be one step closer to being pest free.