Do you remember the West Nile Virus wreaking havoc around the United States in the early 2000s? West Nile Virus is just one example of blood-borne illnesses that mosquitoes can carry. On top of that, mosquitoes cause itching, and can even cause severe swelling and other allergic reactions in some humans.

Mosquito infestations are particularly annoying. Since they mostly exist outside, they are very hard to control. If you find yourself exhausting all of your efforts without any success, we can help.

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Mosquito Facts

Mosquitoes are a type of fly that belong to the insect family Culex. The females have the piercing and sucking mouthparts that are necessary to allow them to feed on human and animal blood, which enables them to nourish their eggs. The male of the species does not bite and can even be beneficial in helping to pollinate some flowers. Mosquito bodies and wings are covered in tiny scales. Adult sizes may range from 3 to 9 mm.


Mosquitoes take approximately one week to develop from egg to the flying adult. After emerging from the aquatic stages, adult mosquitoes mate and the females seek a blood meal to obtain nutrients necessary for egg development. Only the female adult bites, while both sexes utilize sugar sources for general nutrient requirements. While various species differ significantly, the average lifespan for adult mosquitoes is 4-6 weeks during the summer.

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