Green Solutions for Garden Pest Control

When you plant your garden, do the pests get to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables before you do? It can be heartbreaking. You take time to plan out the garden design, select your vegetables, buy the proper soil and manage the garden until harvest time. And then, just as it’s time to pick your vegetables and enjoy the fruits of your labor, your...

Is your car a smorgasbord for rodents?

Have you ever gotten into a car and the owner has fast food wrappers and maybe yesterday’s lunch on the floorboard? In cars maintained in this fashion, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to see a insect. Ants and roaches love when we are so generous to them. But, messy cars aren’t the only food source for rodents. Even if you keep your car clean...

Do you know the benefits of pesticide?

Just what are the benefits to pesticide?

New Yorkers Offered Classes to Prevent Rats

New York City is the most popular city in the world for tourists and the rats really like it too. For years, city managers have been battling a rat problem that makes a typical episode of Fear Factor look like a piece of cake. Any time you have so much architecture and so many people occupying the same space, you will find the perfect breeding...

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