Steps Taken to Curb New York City’s Growing Rat Population

New York City, including the whole of Manhattan and the boroughs, has long been known as one of the top cities suffering from a rodent epidemic–rats, specifically. Rats infest many residential and commercial properties in their search for food and liquids, and as they scurry to and fro, they spread numerous diseases both to themselves, other animals, and humans. Aside from being bitten by a rat or coming into direct exposure to them, people can contract illnesses by also being bitten by the fleas rats tend to host. Terrified businessman standing on chair defending himself

Other potential health hazards include typhus, jaundice, rat-bite fever, trichinosis, and salmonellosis. Because of the great risk rats can pose to people, NYC officials have been coming up with numerous anti-rodent programs to ensure the safety of residents and workers. Techniques have included mass poisonings, reinforcing and repairing buildings, and even chemical sterilization. Still, it is estimated there are somewhere in the vicinity of 32 million rats within the city limits. Since chances are high you may be exposed to rodents sooner or later, here are main ways to decrease the danger they present.

How to Protect Yourself from Rats

1. Ensure Your Building is Properly Sealed

Rats most commonly enter homes and offices where the doors or walls are not properly sealed. Search for any gaps that may be allowing them ingress and egress and have them repaired to deny them access in the first place.

2. Attend NYC’s Rodent Academy

City officials have designed a thorough “rodent education” program that can be attended as either a half day or full three day seminar. The program is geared toward informing business owners, homeowners, and other interested parties seeking information on dealing with rats in the most effective manner.

3. Remove Lingering Garbage

Garbage and litter can attract rats who search through it for food. Removing any garbage from an area can send the rats looking elsewhere.

4. Rodent Baiting

Lastly, baiting, trapping, or poisoning rats is an effective measure of eliminating their presence. If you have a rat infestation in your home or office building, it may require regular upkeep of traps and bait spots to ensure their numbers stay manageable.

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